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WANTED: Volunteers To Change The World!

​“16 Things” Club Activities:
☐ Be a part of Our “16 Things Telethon” & Help Petition the
President to Proclaim August as “National Kid’s Month!”

☐ Create “Better Communication & Literacy”
Workshops & Scholarships!

☐ Give Educational & Empowerment Talks in
Schools, Churches, Businesses!

☐ Create Content for “16 Things” Shows including:
“Cooking with Kids!” – “16 Things Magazine” – “Celebrity Quest!”

Do Social Media! Do PSAs! Do Fund-Raising Programs!
Do Internships, Work Experience & Career Track Programs!

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Start or Join … Any Age, Any Place:
We encourage anyone – from students to the elderly – to start or join a 16 Things Social Responsibility Club in their school or community! Clubs work to further the programs of the organization on a local, state and national basis while providing a great opportunity for personal development!

One Subject or Many:
16 Things Clubs can take many forms. Whether your focus is limited or touches upon many topics; whether it’s at your school or in the city, what matters is that you get involved. Some 16 Things Club examples might include: 16 Things Book Club, Mentoring/Work Club, Social Media Club, and Library Club etc. The next step is in your hands, decide what aspect(s) you want your club to cover and sign-up on our website.

So Many Choices, So Little Time:
The truth is that anything worthwhile takes a little effort. We all know it. The key here is simply … Do it! Start a club whether it’s at your school or in your city; whether the focus is limited to one area or whether it encompasses many.

​Everything you do has benefits. Everything you do has a ripple effect. And you never know who might be positively impacted because you made the decision to start something, and followed through with it. That’s a big deal. Thanks.

The Next Step:
Use the “Establish Your Club!” or “Club Sign Up” button to get the ball rolling and then contact & invite your family, friends, co-workers and associates to get involved and join your group. You’ll get a kit from us that helps you run your group. Just follow the program guide and off you go

You’re now ready to make a difference! And together we’ll make it happen!

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