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For Kids Of All Ages:  
Ground-breaking series of magazine-style reference books with each book presenting 16 problems people face in a particular area of life and the expert testimony of 32 industry insiders on the solutions necessary to best solve each problem!

​Imagine if you will, one kid that “gets it” on health & nutrition: When his parents offer to take him to a fast food place for dinner the second time that week, he or she declines, opting instead for something pre-made and healthier from Supermarket.

Now, imagine that same kid turning down two or three opportunities a week to drink soda. And then telling his or her best friend not to drink so much also. And explaining why.

Imagine the ripple effect this will have when these kids “get it” and begin using the same approach with friends and family members …

​That’s the power of “16 Things Kids Can Do ….” Books, Better Communication Workshops, Internships, Programs, etc. that help Kids, People & The Planet “Get It” on a whole range of important issues.

But to make the impact we need to have this type of sea-change, we need the support of you and your network. So, please take some time to write a personal note and send this out to your family, friends, and associates.

​If you can do more — whether it’s in the form of a testimonial email or letter, a link on your website or a donation of time or dollars — Every person counts and every bit helps.

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16 Things Kids Can Do … … To Act Right and Help Save The Planet!
(Business, Education, Energy, Environment, Finance, Fitness, Government, Health, Life Skills, Nutrition, Volunteering)… To Combat Bullying and Not End Up In The Hospital!
(Life Skills)… To Eat Right and Help Keep Their Parents Alive Until They’re in Their 90s!
(Health, Wellness & Nutrition) … To Get Better Grades In School and Keep Their Parents Out of Their Book Bags!
(Education) … To Keep Their Parents Off Their Backs and Out of Their Bathrooms!
(Health & Hygiene)​ … To Help Pay College and Keep Their Parents Out of the Poor House!
(Business, Finance, Life Skills)

Testimonial from Dr. Henry Chen:

Being a respected doctor and a hardworking member of various organizations, I am used to having other people listen to what I say and show me a certain degree of respect. No where is this more true than in my private practice and hospital affiliations.And no where is this less true than in my home. For in my home I may be yet be King of the castle, but it is a castle often ruled by my three boys. My commands go unheeded, my directives go unfulfilled, and my decrees are often mocked and scorned.

Such is the life and lot of most parents so I’m told. It’s hard enough to educate children when they’re young and you’re still the center of their attention — but when they get older and you’re competing with friends, television and the internet … the difficulties can rise exponentially. And one of the most important things we can do for our children is to teach them to have respect and responsibility for themselves and for their family.

So when I had the good fortune of reading the manuscript for 16 Things Kids Can Do To Keep Parents Off Their Backs and Out of Their Bathrooms, it was with great pleasure that I offered to get involved. In this book I found a sound method for kids to achieve these goals and more. The Kid’s Pledge is a prime example.

And now, after years of struggle, here was my chance to finally get some satisfaction! To have some things go our, the parents, way. And best yet we don’t have to do the heavy lifting, the kids do it themselves along with the Medical Experts. And with the accompanying Blog, there is a built-in support system with other kids, parents, medical professionals and sponsors.

The beauty of the system is that the kids get to check out the beneficial results themselves, and enlist others in their support if they need to. All of the negative emotional baggage from parents vs. kids dynamics is removed from the equation, and what’s left is a strong support network.

Medical Experts add their supporting comments and professional credentials to a host of different situations kids find themselves struggling with on a daily basis. And by following the program, kids learn the benefits of a host of beneficial traits … respect, responsibility and discipline — not to mention better health and hygiene!

I encourage people to get involved with this program; kids, parents, and fellow medical professionals alike. It’s a wonderful opportunity to do something that can have a tangible, positive impact on people’s lives … and, both as a doctor and a parent I should know shouldn’t I?

Henry Chen, M.D.

​In additional to Dr. Chen’s medical practice, he is the past President of the Association of Chinese American Physicians (ACAP). Additionally, he has been instrumental in establishing a physician exchange program between New York City and Guangzhou, China.

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