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Addressing A Critical Need:
In conjunction with other organizations, businesses, and government agencies, “16 Things” works to establish free workshops, seminars and activities designed to get kids (and people) to understand, internalize and act on solutions to problems they face that can adversely affect health, happiness and success.

​The problems of today’s youth threaten to follow them into their adult lives, their education regarding long-term life issues becomes ever more paramount. The youth of today need to understand, internalize and act on issues such as nutrition, fitness, wellness, public service, and the necessity for literacy and life skills that impact their lives from childhood through adulthood.

Providing Vital Programs:
National Kid’s Awareness Month establishes programs that provide a path of growth and success, reaping tremendous benefits to help shape our future.

​Each week of August focuses on a different issue affecting kids and people, which in turn raises awareness to the cause and encourages involvement across the board.

“Everyone Deserves The Opportunity To Learn and Use The Skills They Need To Be Successful In Life … Regardless Of Their Education Or Income.”

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Week 1: Health, Fitness & Nutrition
Week 2: Financial Education, Financial Planning
Week 3: Communication Skills
Week 4: Social Responsibility & Volunteering

​By encouraging organizations, companies, agencies, and associations to hold events, workshops, seminars, meetings, activities and programs relating to these areas, we will tackle the core issues facing future generations. We will additionally acknowledge and reward kids for their individual efforts and achievements in exploring, learning and working towards providing solutions.

Achieving The Goals:
The on-going goals of National Kid’s Month are to:
(1) bring additional attention to these subjects,
(2) create educational mechanisms that encourage voluntary participation by kids,
​(3) acknowledge said participation, and lastly,
​(4) foster attitudes and environments that help perpetuate commitment to these issues.

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