What We Believe … Our Mission is for the Planet. Our Programs are for Everyone.

Lyle Benjamin, 
Executive Director
Start a club

​In one form or another, Lyle Benjamin has worked his entire life at developing the skills and programs necessary to create and build “16 Things Kids Can Do.Org.”

Benjamin began his career as an Entrepreneur as an undergraduate at when he founded and published The University of Florida’s unofficial literary magazine as an undergraduate English major.
He attended law school with the dream of helping others, just as some people helped him when he was growing up under difficult circumstances.

While attending law school, Benjamin was offered a job with the NY Attorney General’s Office after completing his internship, but instead choose to leave school early as he felt the profession wasn’t suitable for his goals.

Later Benjamin utilized his skills to create a best-selling relationship board game in partnership with a California game company.
He then moved to New York City and successfully created, pitched and produced, “Relationships Today,” the first national newsstand magazine exclusively devoted to helping people deal with the complexities inherent in all types of relationships: Intimate, family, friendship and work.

Benjamin’s next endeavor was the creation of Locations, Etc. Inc., a Meeting and Events company that helped coordinate and manage over 50 different types of Corporate and Social events. He also published “The Locations, Etc. Directory” — a Special Events reference book sold in bookstores including Barnes & Noble.

Recently Benjamin changed the focus of his company from helping Companies and Individuals with their event needs to the Business Development of Start-ups that are designed to benefit Society on a larger scale.

Principal among these companies is the educational not-for-profit “16 Things Kids Can Do, Inc.” whose mission is to provide an on-going network of books, programs, events, activities and people that will educate and empower kids, people and the planet to be proactive on a host of fundamental issues … subjects like health, nutrition, fitness, education, business, volunteering, the environment and life skills.

Benjamin feels that when enough kids and people are empowered, they can help change the world. He invites you to join the Mission and our Crusade

Get Involved. Get Informed. Get Going …