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A Critical Need Business Development, Marketing,
Education & Publishing Programs:

Program Coordinator:
Domestic & International. Duties: Share our Education, Publishing, Business Development & Financial Services programs with Businesses, Schools, Non-Profit Orgs and Government Agencies while working to establish organizational presence where we can institute our programs and attract qualified candidates.   Istep:  International Student Training Exchange Program.

Branding Manager:
Domestic & International. Publishing. Book Series endorsed by Mark Victor Hansen, Co-author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” – Duties:  Educate and Inform businesses, non-profit organizations, government agencies regarding our mission, books and programs and help secure branding and sponsorships; domestically and internationally. Also work to establish separate Board of Advisors in foreign countries charged with culturally adapting books to their own country prior to publication.

Career Track Programs:
One of the fundamental areas that people struggle with over their lifetimes is money. More specifically, finances. In keeping with our mission, we have identified several excellent programs that provide people with the opportunity to learn and earn a five and six figure income while helping educate and protect individuals and families on many important areas of their lives.

Financial Services Program:
Provide free college and community based financial education seminars that work to teach people the financial concepts they need to know in life in order to build the most effective retirement plan, educational funding plan, and estate preservation plan. Goal: To give people the tools they need to become financially independent and achieve their goals and dreams.

​This is a government regulated, licensed professional career position in financial services industry — However, no prior experience is necessary! All training is provided and you can earn while you learn.
The only things you need to bring are your:
(1) desire to help people
(2) determination to be successful
(3) a willingness to learn!

Visit our Financial Services client site through Locations Etc’s Entrepreneur’s Small Business Network:

Health Care Services Work Program:
Even with the changes to health care service, LTC costs are estimated to be $250,000 per person and that figures will certainly rise in the future. Learn to help individuals and families by providing education, analysis and programs for Long Term Care, Disability Care; Emergency Care, Secure Income Coverage. May lead to Part-time and Full-time Government regulated and licensed professional position.

Legal Services Work Program:
Provide free college and community based legal education seminars that help individuals, families and businesses understand how they can receive an array of legal services from top-rated law firms for only a low cost monthly fee (~$17). Legal services include unlimited legal advice on any number of issues, 24/7 emergency assistance, motor vehicle moving violations, letter and phone calls, document review, will preparation, debt collection, landlord/ tenant, small claims court, social security, medicate and veteran’s benefits, estate settlement, trial defense, IRS audit, financial/medical/driver’s license identity theft protection/restoration and more.

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