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Help our Community Outreach Programs grow & prosper
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Whether you simply want to refer an individual, family, church, temple, organization or business to buy our books … Or you want to be come a more active part of our Affiliate team … We have the programs to get you moving forward. Choose one or more Affiliate Program today and start earning tomorrow:

Book Sale Referrals:
Promote & sell our books on your website and at your church, school, agency, business or non-profit. From one book to thousands: Earn more than the Author! [CLICK BANK]

Book Branding:
Did you know that we work with businesses, churches, non-profits and even individuals to brand our books for their Mission? From hundreds of copies to 100,000; it’s a tremendous way to increase goodwill, exposure and credibility on your objectives. [16T / ESBN]

Custom Benefit Plans:
One of the most important areas we impact is in helping people build for the future: Tax-free and risk free retirement, tax-free children’s college education, tax-free saving … as well as asset protection, long term care and chronic care.

We make these programs available to individuals and families, but also through companies. non-profits, churches, temples, etc. So get involved and help change the legacy of struggle in this country on family at a time. [16T / ESBN]

Community Partnership Centers:
Know anyone that wants to own a business? How about one that works in service to others, has a very low start-up cost ($30K) and very high income potential ($600K)? And, it doesn’t matter what their education or background is, they can be open in as little as two months because they have a team of people working to help make their Community Partnership Center successful. [16T / ESBN]​​

Business Partner Affiliates:
Want to use our organizations to help grow your business? Find out how easy, affordable, and beneficial it is to partner with us to help you achieve your goals and financial objectives. [16T / ESBN]​​

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