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“16 Things Kid's Can Do” is a
not-for-profit educational organization that works to empower Kids, People & The Planet to resolve areas of conflict on a wide variety of important issues that threaten the health of our country and the well-being of the world.
One of the main goals of the organization is to get kids and people to internalize the best way to handle problem issues in their lives, and then be proactive about working to change; not only themselves, but their family, friends and associates in positive meaningful ways.
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Social Responsibility: Us,
You & The Planet

Children are the foundation for the stability, growth and ultimate success of society. Yet all too often they are not given the tools they need to succeed, especially regarding problems they inherit from previous generations.

“16 Things” is designed to provide an on-going network of books, programs, events, activities and people that will educate and empower kids to be proactive throughout their lives on a host of fundamental issues ... subjects like health, nutrition, fitness, education, business, volunteering, the environment and life skills.
And when kids and people are empowered, they can help change family and peer dynamics as well.
The Ripple Effect

Imagine if you will, one kid that “gets it” on health & nutrition: When his parents offer to take him to a fast food place for dinner the second time that week, he or she declines, opting instead for something pre-made and healthier from the Supermarket.

Now, imagine that same kid turning down two or three opportunities a week to drink soda. And then telling his or her best friend not to drink so much also. And explaining why. Imagine the ripple effect this will have when these kids “get it” and begin using the same approach with friends and family members ...

That's the power of “16 Things Kid's Can Do ....”

Books, BCL Workshops, Internships, Programs, etc. that help Kids, People & The Planet “Get It” on a whole range of important issues.

The Next Step
But to make the impact we need to have this type of sea-change, we need the support of you and your network. So, please take some time to write personal note and send this out to your family, friends and associates.

If you can do more - whether it's in the form of volunteering, creating a club, writing a testimonial email, a link on your website, Face Book, Twitter or You Tube pages or a donation of time or dollars - Every person counts and every bit helps.
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